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Highways to avoid - rheavn - 08-14-2019

The board has been rather quiet lately, so I thought I would start a new thread. 

I recently traveled on I80/90 through Illinois.  This stretch of highway has potholes large enough to hide small children in----and lots of them!.  Dodge one and you hit the next.  Oh, and it is a toll road too!  I will go out of my way to avoid this highway.

Any one else have any roads to avoid?????

RE: Highways to avoid - whatsnewell - 08-14-2019

Steve, we have driven that same section. Terrible, and having to pay a toll for the privilege adds insult to injury.

RE: Highways to avoid - Richard - 08-17-2019

I 84 through NY state. Horrible road surface. Potholes, expansion joints, and rough transitions. Make sure your dental plan is up to date.

RE: Highways to avoid - Mhcorrigan - 08-18-2019

I 10 in Louisiana between Lafayette and Baton Rouge and east of Lake Charles gets my vote.

RE: Highways to avoid - DK on the road - 02-25-2020

I have to say the entire San Francisco bay area.

880 from hwy 80 in Oakland south to San Jose.

238 /580 from San Leandro thru Castro Valley, out past Tracy.

I have commuted thru this area for nearly my whole life and I still cannot remember which pothole lane is the worst and to avoid. I blame the local highways that I started out each trip and came home on, to tear up my last Coach. I had cabinet and wall problems.

Highway 5 most everywhere in CA. Spots are good at times then about every 5 miles or so there is a 4"-6" dip for 3' or more that loosens your fillings. Its a bit better North of Stockton, but horrible south thru LA

RE: Highways to avoid - Wardworks - 02-26-2020

Dave you are correct on those particular roads. I watch the road I'm driving on in California more then I watch the other drivers. The roads in California can do more damage to our coaches then another vehicle.

RE: Highways to avoid - rundlc - 03-07-2020

This is so sad because of all the dadblasted taxes we pay here in Cali too!! I was in N. Carolina & Florida as well and was surprised how smooth the freeways were. Puts our state to shame.

RE: Highways to avoid - Land Yacht - 03-07-2020

Just drove through I-65 in Birmingham, AL, horrible but fortunately less than 20 miles long.

RE: Highways to avoid - Richard - 03-08-2020

I always take the 'loop' in Birmingham for that reason.

RE: Highways to avoid - bikestuff - 03-08-2020

Hey! You guys are hitting too close to home. Those hills on I65 through Birmingham are actually a NASA test zone. They test the mars rovers on that stretch of road. If the the Rover makes it okay from one end to the other, they go back and dig some more potholes. The rovers have gotten so good...the road is almost completely covered in potholes now.

The army got involved and wanted to test tanks on that stretch of road, but the tanks broke right away.

Richard's method would have gotten you in trouble before January of this year (2020). They were reconstructing the entire downtown portion of I20/59. The detour was onto surface roads in the "hood". It's all good now.

Bottom line....avoid I65 from I459 on the south side of town to the north side of town.

With all that said, I22 that goes from north of Birmingham to Memphis is brand new and very nice.