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Air Leaks - Aragona1 - 11-02-2019

I can't find any air leaks.  Loosing about a pound a minute when parked. 110volt compressor cuts in at 70 and cuts out at 90. Runs about 5 to 10 mins every 20 mins.  I have ruled out the air bags and the leveling, stays level with the leveling system off.  Only 3 air powered items, the toilet, drivers seat and an interior sliding pocket door.  Soapy watered everything I could find and I do not see or hear any leaks.  

Could a 110v compressor be set up only on the auxiliary side of the air system rather that the entire bus air system?

RE: Air Leaks - Fulltiming - 11-02-2019

A pound a minute is a pretty decent air leak (or likely several smaller leaks). At the Rally last May, Richard and Steve each gave a presentation that you should watch. The first was Richard's presentation on the Fundamentals of the air system in Newells and the second was Steve's presentation on the Maintenance of the Newell air systems. I suggest that you start with Richard's then go to Steve's presentation. I video recorded these presentations, divided them up into watchable segments and posted them here:

RE: Air Leaks - valento - 11-02-2019

"Only 3 air powered items, the toilet, drivers seat and an interior sliding pocket door." You may also want to check your air bladders that seal your slides by spraying some soap on them too (if you have slides).

RE: Air Leaks - HoosierDaddy - 11-02-2019

One of my air tanks had a pinhole leak . My mechanic put a spot of weld there and it’s been good for 6 years.

RE: Air Leaks - Richard - 11-03-2019

Take a quick look at the air water separator at the rear six pack of leveling valves. Notorious for the clear bowl cracking and leaking like crazy.

RE: Air Leaks - 3Rs - 11-03-2019

Does you rig have an "air" slide for the generator?  Could be a leaky seal on the activation ram - either side "out or in".

RE: Air Leaks - Latitude 28 - 11-03-2019

I had the Aeroquip hose from the 120vac compressor seeping air in the first 6 inches through the hose from the compressor.  This was due to the heat from generator exhaust deteriorating the internal rubber hose (rubber was dry rotted and stiff).  Had enough slack to cut-out the bad part and reinstall the same fitting on good hose.


RE: Air Leaks - Fulltiming - 11-03-2019

I would like to thanks Glenn @Glenn and Laureen for noticing that Part 4 of the Newell Air System Fundamentals was not Part 4, it was a partial repeat of Part 3. I have corrected the error and anyone who is interested in the way the tag axle air system works should view the newly uploaded Part 4 here:

RE: Air Leaks - 77newell - 11-10-2019

You are getting a lot of good suggestions, but are missing a troubleshooting strategy. If you seach this site you will likely find a schematic, or a close facsimile, that will help you find valves that will allow you to break the system into segments which vastly speeds up locating the leak(s). You are otherwise searching through a seemingly endless barrel of snakes with increasing frustration.

There are a couple valves near your supply tank that allow isolating the two segments of the non-brake air systems. I would start by shutting both off and watch my air pressure gauges to identify the segment that is leaking and work from there.