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Headhunter leak - bikestuff - 11-08-2019


The Headhunter Mach 5 water pump is installed in quite a number of Newell coaches.  When it works, it is great.  My luck with the HH has been mixed.  I am on my third pump since I have owned the coach.   The most common failure points are the controller or the pressure switch.

I have another failure mode to add to the list.

My fairly new Mach 5 developed a leak IN THE PUMP CASE!  See attached pictures.  The leak was very small but it was enough to cause the pump to cycle.  Thanks to @Richard the leak was located see pictures.  It turns out that there was a fault when the case was molded and was just waiting to fail.  The leak is right under the inlet point in a crease in the case.

Note that the leak was not really visible from a cursory inspection.  So....if you have unexplained water in the floor of your water bay, you may have the problem.  To find it turn on a faucet enough to cause the pump to cycle and then use a flashlight to look for drips.  Of course the blue paper towel helps in finding leaks as well.

I talked to HH and they said this "is not a common failure".  I offered to send them pics, but they said they really didn't need those.  Sad. If you have had a case leak in an HH pump, please post to this thread.  HH did say that the case is available for purchase.  (I used the case piece from my spare pump).