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At the factory this week - Newell467 - 05-15-2020

We were at the Newell factory in Miami Monday through Thursday. They got our slide out air bag replaced along with a few other items. Work went well but very hands off experience. The only area you are allowed in is the customer lounge. Disappointing for our first time there. We will have to go back at a later time after this corona crap is over. That will probably be another multi thousand $$$ check then too. Lol.

RE: At the factory this week - encantotom - 05-15-2020

a reminder to those in the west. i have a slide cart and if you are willing to work on it, can help you change it for the cost of fellowship


RE: At the factory this week - rundlc - 05-18-2020

I'm certainly thinking of your offer! I know the pass side rear slide has been worked on multiple times. Going thru the paperwork I found that this particular slide had been pulled at least three times at the factory. If I'm not mistaken it was pulled 3 times in In four years

RE: At the factory this week - Richard - 05-19-2020

I would be surprised if you didn’t have Valid slides. If so, you do not need the slide cart to replace the seal.

RE: At the factory this week - encantotom - 05-19-2020

the slide cart is only used for flat floor hwh hydraulic slides.


RE: At the factory this week - rundlc - 05-19-2020

Wow I figured they would need to come out. I need more information, thankfully I don't need seals at this time but the room floor is not totally flat and needs to be adjusted. Pass slide not very smooth even though the slide bearing rails were changed a few years ago.