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Just browsing - larryweikartsr - 11-05-2020

Sadly, We are no longer Newell owners! Earlier this year we sold our wonderful 94 Newell #365 to Matt & Leslie Whaley from the Lake of the Ozarks area. Very nice folks and Matt has been busy bringing her to their liking. Here's a good lesson for any of you who decide it's time to sell your Coach. If you meet someone that walks into your coach and really like it, and they're nice, excited folks, give them a price that gives them a lot of room for making it the way they like it, including those little repairs, and you'll both be Happy Campers! I hope the Whaleys enjoy having a Newell as much as we have.

I'll continue to browse on here just because, well, you never know the future! Anyway, I'd like to thank all of you for the open arms and sincere caring for a novice in 1999 and making him feel comfortable as a new Newell owner. Although I'd been in the RV business for 20 years, the Newell was a completely new experience and I spent 21 years and 308,000 miles with it and it was a wonderful, educational experience because of all your help and the wonderful people at Newell and the 24/7 help line! There's none better!

 Thank You to the many of you that I've personally met and A very special Thank You to Tom & Darlene. (The Newell towels Darlene made for us did not go with the coach) I wish I could have visited your beautiful new Newell Hospitality Center You guys are the best!

Best Regards and Happy, Safe Travels to all,
Larry & Vanessa Weikart
Vanessas Hospitality Service, LLC

RE: Just browsing - Richard - 11-05-2020


It is great to hear from you. This guru family is a whole lot more than just owning a Newell.

Please continue to participate.

RE: Just browsing - Fulltiming - 11-05-2020

Please do stick around Larry. I think Tom and Darlene did an excellent job coming up with their motto for Gurus, "Friends Helping Friends". The friendship, in most cases, greatly outweighs even the terrific value of the assistance. As I get older, I find that a number of things that I would have done myself 10 years ago are strong candidates for pulling out the credit card. But I also find that the friendships I have made as a result of RV'ing and particularly, involvement in this site are something I am much richer for. I feel that I know a number of you that I have never had the opportunity to meet and I have developed strong friendships with a number of you that I am truly blessed to be able to know.

Take care of yourself Larry and enjoy the next stage of your life. Great to hear from you. Keep us apprised of what is happening in your life.

RE: Just browsing - encantotom - 11-05-2020

Larry, it has been an honor and pleasure having you as a friend. I hope you get out our way as we have several guest rooms just waiting for you to visit.

tom and darlene

RE: Just browsing - HoosierDaddy - 11-05-2020

It's great to hear from you, Larry. I've enjoyed our personal visits as well. We need to get together again. If you ever really miss washing/ waxing a Newell stop in!!!!! Right now the wheels need polishing B-)

RE: Just browsing - folivier - 11-06-2020

Don't go Larry! You can still share your knowledge and experience here.
Congrats on selling your coach and best wishes.

RE: Just browsing - larryweikartsr - 11-07-2020

Thanks for all the nice comments. I'll be hanging around and hopefully get to add my 2 cents worth from time to time. We still have our farm, not too far from our Island home, with 50amp hook up so................. and we are just North of I-80, exit 144 and 1 mile off of I-69 in Mi. exit #3. See Ya?