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Mystery switch - Tfrazier - 11-24-2020

Hi all,
The more I look the more I find. In the attached pic there are 4 switches. Three are clearly marked, one is not. Does anyone know what the far left switch (next to the red and green lights) is for. What I do know is that if I flip the switch, a high pitched beeping alarm goes off. Only did it once cause I didn't want to blow anything up.
Thanks and Happy Thanks giving to all you gurus.

RE: Mystery switch - HoosierDaddy - 11-24-2020

On my '93 the tag switch turns a beeper on. You could check by having someone stationed at the air leveling solenoids on the passenger side firewall to determine any response in your tag axle solenoids. It could also be a remote radar detector.

RE: Mystery switch - Tfrazier - 11-24-2020

Sorry, should have mentioned that #300 is a 38', no tag coach. I have another switch on the dash that controls the radar detector. Thanks for the feedback though. Hopefully the guesses will keep.coming and we will get it figured out.

RE: Mystery switch - ccjohnson - 11-24-2020

Maybe "fast idle switch"

RE: Mystery switch - HoosierDaddy - 11-24-2020

Where is the beep sound coming from?
Does it start or stop depending whether the ignition switch is on or off?
Are the red and green lights controlled by the switch?

RE: Mystery switch - Tfrazier - 11-24-2020

Not fast idle, that switch is the up by the radar switch.
The alarm sound is coming from the dash area. to be totally transparent, when I did turn the switch on and that alarm sounded, I switched it off immediately. So I do believe it controls the lights but not 100% sure. The coach is in for a PM right now so I will confirm the light function to the switch as soon as I get it back.
It works with the engine and on or off.

RE: Mystery switch - HoosierDaddy - 11-24-2020

Well I am stumped!! The only other thing I can think of is it might have something to do with an added-on braking system for a TOAD. If it is switched on but the TOAD brake electronics are not hooked up it would alarm. ??? Or maybe a burglar alarm and one of the monitor switches are tripped (such as a door open" switch). My Newell has a burglar alarm but the inside switch is on the switch panel near the middle of the coach and there is not a beeper. You may have to trace the wires from that switch. Please post if u figure it out... I am curious now.

RE: Mystery switch - encantotom - 11-24-2020

in my mind it has been added after the coach was made. every switch is labeled by newel by engraving like the ones next to it. so it is something that has been done later.


RE: Mystery switch - folivier - 11-25-2020

My mystery switch was inside by the entry door. The PO had replaced the outside clear handle with a stainless steel handle. One day I changed the handle back to a clear one and found out the switch was to light up the handle.
Do you have sewer air dump valves? could it be for the curbside dump?

RE: Mystery switch - Tfrazier - 11-25-2020

Mine also has the horn sounds g alarm system so it is not that. If it's road then maybe it's like Tom said and was added after the coach was made. Who knows. If it wasn't for the fact that it activates some sort of alarm, I wouldn't be so concerned.
I'll keep looking.