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hydraulic hose leak - Doug Musick - 11-25-2020

I have a hydraulic hose leaking where the metal fitting is connected to the rubber.  I believe it is my power steering supply line, but it's been raining for three days here so I haven't crawled under to trace yet.  The leak is where the hose connects to a small box which is attached to the left rear support member right behind the rear engine access panel.  The hose runs forward from the box up past the transmission but that is as far as I can see from the engine bay.  There is also a hose to the fan motor and a hose to the hydraulic pump attached to the box, along with what appears to be an electrically operated valve.

My question is should I replace the entire hose or just cut some of the end off and add a pig tail to reconnect?

Variables to consider:
[li]my coach is 26 years old, and so likely is this hose[/li]
[li]I've only had the coach 2 weeks and I am in the process of zeroing out some items, so replacing the entire hose proactively doesn't bother me if recommended.[/li]

I don't have much experience with hydraulic hoses, so I'm not sure what an average life expectancy is before they start failing.  If it was a short and easy to get at hose I wouldn't be asking, but before I start removing and pulling a new @ 50' hose which will likely involve my full vocabulary I'd like to hear from some of you.

RE: hydraulic hose leak - bikestuff - 11-25-2020

I know nothing about hydraulics other than high pressure leaks are potentially deadly. If you have ever pressure washed your foot you know what I am talking about except hydraulic fluid is poisonous when injected under the skin.

Maybe leave this job to a professional?

For what it’s worth.


RE: hydraulic hose leak - encantotom - 11-25-2020

here is my two cents worth. if there is enough slack i would have the end replaced in place on the coach. that would require enough room to get the crimping tool in there. if all hydraulic hoses needed replacement at 26 years we would all be in trouble. especially since it is leaking at the fitting.

i had a freon hose leaking at the same place as you are describing on the compressor on my coach. i found a small shop in an industrial center that i drove the coach to and they put a new end on and it has been years with no issues.

the hardest part about the repair i had done was fitting the coach in the narrow parking lot where this little shop was.

i would find someone that can crimp it and not do a field repair without crimping if possible.


RE: hydraulic hose leak - Keith Jordan - 11-25-2020

I just replaced the ones to the hydraulic fan due to cracking and stiffness.Full vocabulary used upon receipt of bill.I agree with others in trying to change just the fitting.Dealing with a failure on the road would reveal new vocabulary.

RE: hydraulic hose leak - Doug Musick - 11-25-2020

Thanks for the responses. I'll try to find a shop that can put a new end on in place.

RE: hydraulic hose leak - Latitude 28 - 11-25-2020

If you can't find a shop I have used these type of fittings in the field to do a repair.

It can be done without a mandrel, but to keep from cutting little crescent shaped pieces of rubber on the inside of the hose one needs to use an appropriate sized assembly mandrel.

RE: hydraulic hose leak - PHeff - 11-26-2020

Another option is to call a mobile hydraulic repair shop. They come to you. And prices are very reasonable that is what they do.