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First Newell - MR300 - 11-25-2020

Hello Gurus! 

I just bought my first Newell. I have owned many diesel pushers over the last 30 years. When I was racing I was sponsored by Winnebago and Monaco for many years. I really loved having my home at the track and my family with me. I always wanted a Newell so I started with a 2000 #564. I think it going to be a great platform for all the modifacations I want to do. My upgrade list is extensive and I really appreacate all the great information available on this forum. It makes a big difference when I was deciding to purchase a 20 year old coach to have a support group that is available here! 

Once I finish everything the plan is to use it at NHRA races next year for meetings. I just hope we have races again next year!

Thanks everyone for the support!


RE: First Newell - Tf175 - 11-26-2020

Welcome Jim!  
Fan of you and your Fuel Coupe .
Also with Winnebago for a few years,  as you say , wonderful to have a coach at the track .
Good folks here on the site , much information available. 
Here's to racing in '21 , hope it happens !

RE: First Newell - bestgenman - 11-26-2020

Welcome Jim.  It is wonderful to have a home at the track.  Although not a racer, we are regulars at a nearby road course with 567.  As you stated, there is vast wealth of knowledge on this site and the demeanor is one of thoughtfulness and professionalism.  I’m always thankful to be included.

Since our rigs are so close together feel free to communicate if you need to.  These are, without question , the finest constructed motor coaches available.  Twenty years is a testament to their quality.

RE: First Newell - Richard - 11-26-2020

Welcome to the gurus. You don't know it quite yet, but you have found a flock of like minded brothers. You will find many topics on that era coach if you play with the search engines.