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Kohler 12.5kw replacement relay - MPerry - 02-07-2021

I have a bad relay in my generator and having trouble finding a replacement. Its a Potter Brumfield AB-1301 and has 8 posts.

Even numbers on one side and odd on the other. When the relay is off posts 8 and 2 are connected, and posts 7 and 1 are connected. When the relay is actuated posts 8 and 4 are connected and posts 7 and 3 are connected. Posts 5 and 6 turn on the switch.

I would think theres a modern replacement but have not been able to find one. I have thought about wiring in 2 relays to replace it. Any tips would be appreciated.  I apologize for the attached relay diagram, I am sure its not correctly notated.

RE: Kohler 12.5kw replacement relay - bestgenman - 02-07-2021

I may have a NOS or good used one.  I can look on Monday.   If not, there are a number of options.  Here is one on   You will need a base also.