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rooftop A/C - PMCBR - 07-20-2021

Replacing rooftop A/C units, which are best? I have Airxel units original to 2005 coach.

RE: rooftop A/C - TMCopeland - 07-21-2021

Factory is now using Coleman 47024B876 Mach 8 Plus 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner, per Creslie Clark.


RE: rooftop A/C - encantotom - 07-21-2021

forest just put furrion units on his foretravel here at my place (helps to have a scissors lift). for fun, have a look at them. they have 2 blower motors on each one.


RE: rooftop A/C - jdkskyking - 08-19-2021

I’m chasing down a problem with my #4 AC unit. The problem is no cold air… 
Cleaned up the condenser and evaporator… the process reminded me what a mess these units are!
I’ve heard the same that you can’t go out and buy a new unit right now… Out of Stock… quick search shows this. 
I’ll get old #4 running again with a new capacitor but there is still a on going problem… When all four of these things are running we can’t hear ourselves think! 
I’d love to find a unit that is a step in the right direction using newer motor and fan technology and much quieter. 
If anyone can provide a recommendation I’d appreciate the info. 
I also wonder if four units that are AC/heat pumps are necessary. Does anyone run with only two? One in front and one in back? AquaHot works great so I’m assuming the heat pump is just a backup… educate me. 
The current unit I’m working on is a Duo-Therm 630516.321    15,000btu  single motor turning two vibrating squirrel cage fans… 
I’m hoping Newell has figured out a better mouse trap since my 05 was built. I was parked between two new Newells last weekend and could barely hear their AC units running. I’ve never been inside a new one when it’s 90* OAT.. 
Thanks! JK

RE: rooftop A/C - arcticdude - 08-20-2021

One of my 4 was also VERY noisy the last time we went out. It was making all kinds of racket when it was running. I also have Duo-Therm's with heatpumps.

After taking it apart, I found that one of the squirrel cage fans (the house side) had come loose and was causing most of the racket. Tightening up the set screw helped with that end. The evaporator end was only a little loose, but tightening it up also helped with some of the noise. There's a cut-out in the fan that allows for accessing the set screw, though for final tightening I stuffed my hand into the fan and used a short allen wrench to ensure it was tight.

None of the other 3 had gotten loose when checked and cleaned.

But, even ducted they are noisy units.

RE: rooftop A/C - folivier - 08-20-2021

Also mud dauber's can get into the fan and build a mud nest. That will cause major vibrations due to being out of balance. Always check that when servicing and cleaning your units

RE: rooftop A/C - jdkskyking - 08-20-2021

I’m trying to decide how much time I want to spend on these. I’ve reached out to Dometic asking what their new offerings are. 

I came across this last night. Company neat PIT Installing a Australian product. High quality and quiet. I’ve contacted them as well.

I hate to invest time in these units when they’re probably 20+ old technology… updating motor mounts, adding insulation and sound deadening material will help but… had to replace #3 motor… it makes an annoying high pitch tone… 

Surly there’s better options now available.

RE: rooftop A/C - folivier - 08-20-2021

Jeff not sure when Dometic changed but the new units use a newer thermostat. So you might end up with either having to upgrade to new boards on the older units or have an additional thermostat for the newer one.
But you'd have to add an additional thermostat for a different brand. Catch 22.

RE: rooftop A/C - jdkskyking - 08-20-2021

If we can find something that allows to hear ourselves think when all four are running…. I’ll deal with what ever we need to do.

RE: rooftop A/C - PMCBR - 08-20-2021

Just changed two 16 year old Coleman units with heat to Coleman Mach 8 units without heat. Plugged right up, quieter with better air output.