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Fuel Hose (Line) Replacement
I am starting to think about replacing the fuel hoses on my coach and looking for opinions. I believe my current hoses are original (36yrs) and probably braided Startlite (?). The supply is a -12 till it hits the water seperater, then is goes to -10 and stays -10 to the injector pump. I think the return line is -8, but havent confirmed it.

I have found 3 options.
1) Stay with Startlite
2) Eaton Synflex
3) Trident Barrier Lined

I am leaning toward the Synflex but the downsides are I need new hose ends, it seems only available through a dealer, concerned about abrasion and largest size is -10.  At 320hp I really dont see the -10 as a problems.

Opinions or other suggestions appreciated.

1983 Newell
Cummins VT903
Allison 654CR

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