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Coach Insurance
Explorer, my broker for National Interstate, has been my insurer for the past three years on the 2001 Monaco Exec. Glass coverage is excellent and does not come under Comprehensive.
My premium on a declared value of $89,000 is under a thousand for 300,000-500,000 liability and with diminishing liability now at $250.
I asked for a quote on a 2004 Newell valued at $295,000. The result was $2332 for a coach garaged in central Pennsylvania. If I registered the coach in Florida the premium would jump by over $500.
When it comes to Newell's and Prevost conversions, there are no NADA quotes. It's what you declare, within reason, the value to be.
The worst quote I got came from the USAA recommended GMAC. They wanted well over $2,000 for the same policy on my Monaco. In addition, every person with a driver's license in the household would have to become insured by GMAC. They wanted the SSN of every member of the household. Bye-Bye GMAC.
The price of insurance has a lot to do as to where you live. My 99 with full insurance and $1000. deductible is about $750 a year in Nacogdoches, TX. a town of about 30,000. But if I lived in Houston, it probably be double or even triple that. If I lived in it full time it would probably would be more. I think the insurance company figure on one driving their coach 5 to 7,000 miles a year and most of us are mature and experienced drivers.
Chappell and Mary
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if any of you have blue sky rv insurance, be prepared for your next years bill.

i talked to them today as i am relooking at all of our insurance and they said my rate for the next year would be going up about 40%.

each state has different rates, but that is what they estimated my increase would be.

the reason i got was that the last few years rv companies have gone out of business, making body repairs more costly as availability of body parts has gone done.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

Almost worth just self-insure for everything except. Liability
They (blue sky) wouldn't even insure us. Said we had too many vehicles, too many houses and too much land. It was truly comical to talk to them. Almost made you feel like you were talking to cousin Delbert about hunting squirrels. How do they survive?
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