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Insurance and general questions
Hi Folks,

Do you know anyplace on the web where you can go to find out the higher/lower states for coach insurance or vehicle insurance in general? And maybe even where you can drill down to counties and/or cities within the state?

I realize that will not give you an idea of the cost of a policy for a specific coach, but it would at least be a guide. We know that San Francisco, CA will be more than Billings, MT. I just thought it would be nice to have some ideas without having to go to an insurance company for a quote.

• Do insurance companies charge less for the periods when you're not on the road when your parked in a park?
• How much more do you pay (by %) for a full timer driving 8/10,000 per year. Versus being on the road for the same amount of miles over 6 months and the rest in a stick house?

Thanks guys,


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