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Renewal increase
My deductible is $1000 on the coach and $500 on each car

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Thanks! I've got to switch and put a package together. Susie (the bookkeeper) says we're paying 4,000 per year for both vehicles, (below in signature) and 3,000+ per year currently for the coach. I should be able to shop a package much better than that absurd total. Further suggestions? Sounds like Geico the Gecko may be a good starting place. May have to raise the deductibles. Susie also suggested our high premium may be due to my age! Over 75, looking at starting my 79th year in June.

No accidents, no claims, no tickets. Well, one accident back in San Francisco in October 2013 with the then toad, 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. at night, in a dark 4 way stop intersection, with a fairly new, black Audi with no lights. I hit her good, $17K worth of damages to her car and $7K to mine. That could have raised the premium on the cars but the police refused to come, just said, take names. C'est la vie!
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I have mine insured thru progressive, all of my cars and race car trailer are insured with geico.
Geico wanted 2800 per year to insure the the newell, I called my brothers insurance agent that shopped around for me and I insured it with progressive for $750. Per year with $55,000 agreed value. I do not remember the deductible, seems like 1,000.
Paul and Sherry Schneider
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Thanks, all. Calling around today, starting with Geico and Progressive. I believe that premiums have several factors as you have suggested, value of coach, deductible, and who knows what else. We were with Progressive about three RV's ago and it seemed reasonable at the time. Everything changes over time, everything!
G & S
Gary and Susie
2005 47' Newell #729 4 slides DD 60 Allison 6 spd
2013 Ford F-150 3.5 crew cab, eco-boost twin turbo 4x4
2010 Ford Edge AWD
Black Labradoodle, "Dude"
The very best deal I could find was with Amica. They have my homeowners policy and all my vehicles.

They cover both home and vehicles, including motorhomes, in house.  They do no sub out the motorhome coverage. They have no agents.

I have been an property adjuster for 30 years.  I have worked claims for 44 different companies but have not worked for Amica. I have read, and carefully studied, all of their policies and have found them to be identical to 99% of the other companies policies I have seen.  I have talked with friends who are adjusters that have worked their claims and are comfortable with them as a no frill company. Where some companies sent out a 100 page adjusters guide, Amica's guide is reported to be one page that simply states "determine what we own and get it paid quickly".

After being with State Farm for over 40 years,  Amica is saving me $ 1,605.00 per year on my home, pickup, Cadillac, and two motorhomes.

Crap, the above sounds like a salesman.  I have no dog in this hunt. I priced over a dozen different companies and Amica was the best in my mind.  Your mileage may vary.
Mike Stephenson
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Sounds like you must have been in a bad part of town!
Our 1990 Newell had been insured with Progressive since we purchased it in 1996.  It has been VERY reasonable insurance through the years. We renewed in March of 2014 and it was in the $1000.00 range (can't remember the exact figure). When we purchased the 2002 in June of this year we contacted them for insurance and they came back with not only what I considered a very high rate considering it was a 2002, but also increased the 1990 so that it totaled out to about $3600 for the both of them. 

Everything else we owned, except our commercial building, was with Safeco which has been eeking up over the years.  I had seen Blue Sky recommended on the Guru site, but when we contacted them they told us that they would not insure a driver over the age of 75.  They asked my wife's age and said that as she was still just under 75 that if she would be the driver they could do it.  Needless to say that would not be practical. We contacted Geico.  They gave my wife a quote and just as we were going to accept that, they contacted us to say that they had made a big rate mistake, would requite it,  and would get back with us.  They did not get back with us, but did send us a registered letter that said they wanted to notify us that they were declining to bid on our vehicles.  No reason why...we just assumed it could be my age.

We then contacted our local American Family representative who is a neighbor and Am Fam insured our home, extra lots, 2 cars, 2 trucks, both motor homes as a package deal and the 2002 Newell's part of the premium was $1298.00.  The 1990's part of the premium was less than $800.00.  The Am Fam rep worked very hard to get things done to our satisfaction, whereas some of the others didn't seem to be very interested. 

We have since sold 1 car, 1 truck, and the 1990 Motor Home, so this not to say that when renewal time comes around that they won't increase the rates.  
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the common thread is that in general the insurance rates went up alot. (a few exceptions).

we have a lot of things insured with farmers and they have been great but were not competitive with the coach.

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

I got a new quote today, 1800... I am looking at the quote..
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Blue Sky refused to insure us. Too many vehicles, too many houses and too much land. When you're getting sort of close to retiring and amassing a retirement place, while still maintaining your working home, I thought it would be normal. Obviously not the case, at least in my case. Given my experiences, I would caution anybody from using them. Maybe they're too small to handle larger clients and potential claims. Due diligence would be required.
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