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Rotella Full Synthetic
Marc: I was interested in a year around oil since I live in the north and also travel in the heat. I also became aware that new approvals had ceased so even if a new oil could perform adequately there was no chance for approval. I just found it hard to believe that the continual technological development of oils didn't somehow produce a modern oil that would do well in our 2-stroke engines. There are some trucking companies changing oil based upon regular oil analysis and there are reports some have gone 100,000 miles between oil changes. I surmised that if that was possible, then getting 10-15,000 in our engines was possible provided the sulphated ash and high shear viscosity numbers were within Detroit Diesel spec. The specs for full syn Rotella are consistent with oils that have been approved for use in Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engines. I initiated a thread on this topic last year, do a search on Rotella and it will show up. Using Rotella and following up with oil analysis is something I felt was a safe bet, I'm sure others will feel differently and I'm OK with that.
Jon Kabbe
1993 coach 337 with Civic towed

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