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Air brake system
Oh yeah, you asked about the red things at the end of the slide solenoid. Those are not speed controls, they are manual activation mechanisms to defeat the electrical solenoid.

To tune the speed of the slide, use these screwed into the exhaust ports. One slide will control close speed and the other the opening speed.
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Now, That makes sense. I have no such devises. I will order two and be done with it. Thanks Pete
Ha! My coach was built for someone who wanted nothing on the roof, so I do not have the wonderful Buell horns that most Vintage Newell have. I have a brand new set of Buells but don't want to mess with the headliner to install them so, I have a three chime Nathan Low Mount, from a Diesel Locomotive that I think I can mount in the space forward of the left front wheel. They will run on a 3/8 line. Will report on this Later. Pete
Well, I climbed up over the rear axle and put a malleable tee between the brake line and the service brake relay.  Was alone so to be sure I had the correct one, I ran a piece of 1/4 inch tubing out to the left side and taped a rubber glove to the end.  Stepped on the brake and watched the glove inflate.  Bingo.  Rather tight up in there, and I ain't quite as agile as I was back when I attempted this sort of thing, but we got er done!  Still chasing air leaks, but mostly small stuff.  Thanks for everyone's advise and encouragement.    

Looking for a 3/8 foot operated air valve.  McMaster has one, but it is 1/4 inch and that will restrict the Locomotive horn a bit too much.  It likes 1/2 inch, but 3/8 will do the job.
On the Newell's I've had there is an electrical switch that triggers a solenoid valve that supplies air to the horns. It is probably easier to run wire up to the cockpit than 3/8ths air hose.
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