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Considering purchase of Coach 1274
(03-03-2016, 05:06 AM)Ted Wrote: Good morning Richard and Rhonda, thank you for reaching out to me. There is a fellow Guru who knows of a RV mechanic close to Trawick in Dallas, I am waiting for his contact info. Sounds like you both are enjoying the good life. Congratulations!  Margaretann and I are looking forward to meeting you and the others at your next "rally". Enjoy your day, Ted

Ted we are from the Dallas aera. Live in Anna TX. We are also in Florida all this month. Have not heard of that RV DEALER in Dallas , sorry we can not help at this time.
Ed and Penny Thomas
Anna, TX
98 Newell
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I have talked to Ted several times over the phone but am unable to help him by going to Dallas to look at 1274.  I am busy right now working on a house and Dallas it about 175 miles from me.  I was hoping that maybe Michael might have some information on this coach.  Michael do you have any information on 1274?
Chappell and Mary
2004 Foretravel 36 foot
(03-02-2016, 01:53 PM)Richard Wrote: Ted,

Welcome. Wish I were close, I love to spend OPM (other people's money). Of course you're on a Newell forum. Almost all of us owned other brands before.

As you already know, there is NO comparison in the two units you are looking at. One drive and you will know. Enjoy the hunt.

Hi Rich,
I like to spend other people's money also, it just doesn't happen as frequently as I would like. I have yet to drive a Newell so I am just taking it on faith from good people like yourself. I have decided to hire a local independent RV mechanic to inspect the 1274 coach and provide me with a written report.
Ted, you have a PM on #1274.
Michael Day
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I am also in the beginning of my hunting phase and looked into the TX coach. My first question would be about service records/history. From what I gather to not take a Newell back to mother, or have a quality bus mechanic take care of the PM and maintenance issues can be asking for bigger problems. there was a suggestion on drawing fluids and having them sent to a lab and checked - a brilliant idea too.
There is a lot going on in these coaches and I would want a bottom up inspection by a knowledgeable third party before making a deal.
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Sorry to be so late the the party...but I happen to know a good deal about #1274 (Hope I'm not too late!)

It was originally build as a "business coach" for a man who sold those big (very expensive) tugs that push airplanes away from the gates. That's why it has so many awnings (5). It's also why it's a Murphy bed configuration - he used the rear as an office on the tarmac. He listed it at California Coach Company in Costa Mesa, CA (you can find it under "sold") and fairly quickly it was purchased by someone in Texas.

There it gets a bit murky. Travis "sold it" but it almost immediately was for sale again ~ by them, then private party, then by then again. When I saw the coach in Costa Mesa, it was a 9 out of a 10 - bed never used, kitchen pretty much untouched. Heard the new owners had to replace the black/grey water tank after cracking it (?) but don't know much more than it's in Dallas. The price listed (actually TWO prices/ads listed on RVTrader both strike me as high....
Mark of SJC
#1274 resurfaced for sale...
Mick & Renee
2009 Newell 45’ 8” #1277, C15 625HP 12-speed ZF
Full time working and traveling. 

I hope the following may be helpful to you.  

We share somewhat similar RV backgrounds.  Our previous RV back in 2009 was a Prevost with no slides.  It had the venerable Detroit Series 60 motor and was rock solid.  The Newell build is different.  Some Newell components are not as robust as those found in the Prevost, plastic cabinet latches in the Newell come to mind.  The ride quality is very comparable as are the amenities you'll find installed.  Dollar for Dollar we thought we got a lot more value in the Newell.  And we found the Newell Gurus wonderful and Newell's factory support a great help.

Last September we purchased a bright shiny 2007 Newell #1202.  Soon after we made the trip to the Newell factory for a complete PM (preventive maintenance) service jotting down items we found along the way as we traveled from our delivery point in Fredericksburg, TX to Miami, OK.  There is little question the dealer we dealt with left us a number of things to get repaired or replaced as we later found out at the factory.  Having someone who knows these coaches THOROUGHLY examine it before you write the check would be worth every penny.  I'd go so far as to say flying in a Newell mechanic might be worth it $22K after our factory visit.

As it turned out we learned how complex these newer coaches are and have been learning ever since.  The single largest and most frustrating system for us which I call the Achille's Heel of the Newell is its complex air system.  Everything from the air brakes to the suspension, to the bathroom door is operated by that system.  It is a complex web of lines, solenoid valves, air compressors and connections.  The system is even integrated with the slides operating the seals. So number 1 I'd ask the dealer to warrant that system for as long a period of time as you could.

Wheels, tires, batteries, all have lifespans and need to be considered.  Suspension alignment and brakes reviewed.  

The engine and transmission in these units, I'm guessing like ours, a C-15 Caterpillar and ZF transmission in #1274 are good pieces of equipment.  The Acert C-15 Cats were the last Caterpillar built for over the road use.  I copied the following out of a trucker's forum for you: (MXS is an Acert, MBN is the bridge engine, 6NZ is one of the best, SDP are junk.) Their maintenance records should be reviewed.  Caterpillar stores records via the engine serial number which can be found on the passenger side of the engine near the junction of the block and head.  The turbochargers may be problematic so good to have someone familiar with the engine look at them.

Other systems including heating and air conditioning, you have 4 on the roof, need careful inspection along with learning how they operate.

I could go on but I think you've got the picture.  I will say from what I've learned and read to this point just 4 months after we purchase ours that you will be engaged after purchase with unending and on going maintenance of one sort or another as long as you own the coach.

I hope this will be helpful, God bless you,
Sandy and Bob McBratney
2007 Newell #1202  "Boomer"

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