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Air ride and leveling issues
when my time came, the label on the top of the bags was unreadable.

My coaches number 530.

These are the product numbers that fit my coach .

Russ White
1999 45' Double Slide - Factory upgrade 2004
You can tell where I've worked on the coach by the location of blood stains Sad
Jon Kabbe
1993 coach 337 with Civic towed
It feels good to be back level again! It was an interesting experience...

I got the name of a local repairman who came highly recommended by several people staying in the park as well as the people running the park. He came out on Monday and diagnosed the problem quickly, and I could tell he new his way around the air ride system, although he lacked the professional image. I was told and he confirmed he worked at Freightliner in the past but was out on his own now - you know the type - some are good and some not. The two new Drive axle airbags arrived Thursday afternoon. I had printed off all the advice from this forum on the topic including about Richard's advice cutting off the fitting, and using crows feet wrenches. I did try to get him to come prepared. He arrived about 5pm on Friday on the scheduled time. Crawled under, and had to leave to get a bigger wrench.

When he returned and told me what he was going to do I was suspect and a bit concerned but he seemed to know his business. He first "convinced' the 17 year old fitting in the top of the bag to come out. He then plugged the air line and loosened the air bag. I fired up the coach and lifted the coach using only 2 air bags on one side, while he pulled out the old air bag and installed the new one and tightened it down. I shut off coach and dumped the air. He connected the air to the new bag. We slowly aired the system up so the new bag would unfold slowly. Then I raise the coach all the way up, went to travel mode, then leveled. Supposedly this is the process for replacing tractor trailer bags on the road. All seems well. I hope to test drive probably tomorrow. The total bill $120.

He did decline to replace the second bag on the Drive axle as that process would not work easily since it is so confined. However, he did get me going so I can go to a truck shop for the other bags.

Life on the road is truly interesting...
Thanks for everyone's help and advice!
Mike & Jeannie Ginn
2000 Newell #555
2013 Chevy Avalanche

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