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Ran out of diesel fuel (#1630)

To HoosierDaddy and Land Yacht,

It does have autostart. I have it set to about 85 degrees for the temp. As far as I can tell from the storage manager, they have not had any power outages but anything is possible. I don't think the A/C's have needed to run either. Even if they did, the shore power should have been adequate even if I had lost minimal power. As soon as I talk with the factory and get a moment to go do more checking, I really think my culprit was the Aqua Hot AND a failure of something to shut of the Aqua Hot when the diesel tank was running dry. That much soot seems unusual for just occasional running but again, discussions with the factory should help shed some light!!

Thanks to all for the comments.

Gregory, any update on the cause of you running out of fuel?

Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

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