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Bennett shift indicator
Gentlemen , your replies are appreciated . I have also gotten a reply from TH Anderson outlining the test procedure described by Michael . Here's my findings up to now : Multi pin AMP connector at transmission is in bad shape , locking ring not working , connector has dirt , etc inside ,some pins corroded . Cable has been spliced on harness side , about 18" upstream . Connections are correct as to color using butt connectors . I prefer solder connections , but the connectors look to be crimped well , bad tape job rather than shrink tubing. The shift rod has a braided ground cable , ground integrity good . With trans shifter unit cover removed tried grounding the terminals one at a time , yielded weird result , two or three LEDs would illuminate at varying intensity with switch off .
At the front , the cable has been cut into on the harness side and there is an extra white wire coming up (outside cable ) and going directly into the shift panel for switch and bus for lights. This wire is hot at all times . On the indicator panel side there are three wires that have been cut even with cable insulation , white , black /white , blue . Presume same cable used on 5 and 6 speed applications.
Harness side connector ( cockpit ) has one pin that has 12v at all times using digital meter . If this pin is probed with test light , I hear a click under dash , then there is no voltage present on the pin or the extra wire . I can turn the key switch to on and power is restored . I think this may be one of the relays in the neutral start safety system .
I have bench tested the indicator panel through it's cable and all lights work correctly . Next move will be to cut the splice at the back and test the wiring there before replacing the connector . Thinking of going with 12 pin Deutsche connectors . I am concerned about the " rigging" on the wiring , wonder if someone has tried to defeat the safety system .
Apologies for going long and Thank You all very much ,
1986 #89
VIN 007
Good detective work Chris. Looks like you are headed in the right direction.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

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