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Motorcycle Lift

Just finished up a trip from Seattle to Maine to Palm springs with the new lift installed.  6500 miles in 30 days.  Lift work great hauling my 2008 Goldwing.  It was necessary to install two rollers under the frame though and I am glad I did that before I left.  The coach rides pretty low in the back and I did scrap the ground numerous times going into non-truck stop fueling stations as well as a few RV parks.  Rollers worked great and I welded them right in front of the lowest part of the hydralift assembly as part of the mounting rail.  I was worried that just bolting the hydralift to the frame rails (6) 9/16 grade 8 bolts would not be enough to support the hydralift assembly as well as welding the steel rollers to the bottom of hydralift frame mounts but it worked great.  This will allow me to not only remove the hydralift off the back of the coach but also remove the mounts and reinstall the 30,000 lbs class 6 hitch I removed to mount the hydralift system.  

The rollers (substitute for a skid plate) worked great and left some good skid marks on the pavement but never damaged the pavement and the rollers never got any flat spots.  Checked them everyday and they spun freely.

The mounting of the hydralift I did myself without any welding other than the rollers and minimal cutting into the lower part of the fiberglass engine cover.  In fact I cut both sides out with just one cut so I can patch them back with minimal fiberglass work.  The engine cover opens up with the bike lowered to the ground and misses the Goldwing by two inches.  Just lucky on that one measurement.

With the coach in travel mode, the lowest part of the hydra lift is the two rollers and they are 8 inches off the ground.  

I would definitely not put the optional tent/canopy over the bike that is an accessory option sold to keep the bike out of the elements by hydralift.  My friend has the same system on his coach and it rubbed the paint off his brand new Harley in a few places.  I am glad he dissuaded me from doing that to my lift.  The Goldwing got dirty but it was easy to wash.  Bought one of those foaming guns to put on a pressure washer and it made quick work of cleaning the coach and the bike.
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