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Emergency Hacks
The thread on mods produced some interesting ideas. 

This one is aimed at useful info that may help a Guru in a jam.

My favorite hacks. 

1. The HWH leveling system loses it's mind, and you need to move on. Open the HWH panel, read the schematic and find the terminal that feeds all four leveling solenoids. Jumper that terminal to one of the 12V + studs in the bay. The travel solenoids will be activated and you can be on your way.  (Bad solder joint on HWH board, happened in a rest stop in Wyoming)

2. You lose an airbag or HCV on the side of the road. As you know the coach is going NOWHERE. Jack up the frame of the coach to lift it off the axles. Put wooden blocks between the suspension and the frame. It will get you off the side of the interstate. Remove airline to HCV and block the end. ( Inner rear dual blew out taking out airbag and HCV. 14 degrees I 40 outside of Knoxville)

3. You rub a hole in an airline or one develops a serious leak in an airline. Cut out a small section and replace with a double ended push on like this  I have had to do this twice for the bedroom air seal airline which runs in the wheel well.  (Left the tag in remove weight mode, coach sat down on tires, oops, operator error)

4. You lose the alternator. Crank the genny and merge the batteries. (hmmmmm, every trip with the double V belt alternator setup)

5. All the batteries are DEAD. Turn both disconnect switches off for house and chassis. Connect the jumper cables from the car to the hot side of the house batteries, and upstream of the negative disconnect switch. You should be able to start the genny now. Then you can turn both disconnect switches back on. The reason for disconnecting the house and chassis batteries, is that both are huge low voltage loads if they are dead. The car battery will not have the oomph to overcome those dead batteries and crank the genny .  (left the headlights on overnight when boondocking for the night)

6. I almost forgot. Blew out the front slide air seal. I used the round foam caulk backer available at any Lowes to force into the crease to stop the wind noise till I could get to Miami to get it fixed.

Can't wait to hear other ideas that you have used in emergency situations. I have used all of the above in my travels.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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something bad happens.
1. Call Richard
2. do what he tells you.
3. be on your merry way.
1995 # 390
For #2 or similar, I carry a short piece os the small tubing that is folded over on one and secured with wire. If a leak develops in an air bag, since I use push on connectors, I release the line that is leaking and plug in the short piece. I also Carry a double ended push on in case I want to block a line somewhere in the middle.

While ferrule connections are less likely to leak, I like the ease of quick connection that push ons allow.
Jon Kabbe
1993 coach 337 with Civic towed
I carry a couple extra hwh leveling air valves. twice i have had one corner go full up and it was because the raise valve for that side was leaking through faster than the travel side could release it.

a quick swap and all was good. the first time it took me a while to figure it out.....the next time a few seconds....

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