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8v92 enginefan fan engine

8V92 engine fan
                on my 1994 8v92 the automotive AC compressor mounts broke or failed and took out the engine fan completely.  I cannot find the correct fan.  is there a part number for this?  Had Clark in Indy put a new fan on, they said they could not find a 7 blade so the put an 8 blade on.  It ran hot all the way home.  Must be the wrong fan or angle.  Someone has to have a spec or model number for it.  Parts at Newell as not been much help either.  Huh Huh Huh
Frank Aragona, 1994 Newell 45’ Coach, 8V92
I got a new one from Newell when ours broke. I do remember there was a question from them on how many blades it had. You might be able to get measurements & get one from a Detroit Deisel dealer or a Fleet Pride store.
I've got the metal fan off of my '86 you can have if you're interested. Probably weighs 50 pounds, and I'd make you pay shipping.
Jon & Chris Everton
1986 40' Dog House #86
0 hp 8V92 Allison HT740
Soon to be 500 hp ISM 6spd ZF

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