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Hello all Newell aficionados!

Love to read all of the posts here about these awesome machines.

Looking for a 96" wide coach. Currently have a 2001 Newmar Dutch star 38' long 102" wide that I am unable to park at my home because the space I have available is only 96" without encroaching into the sidewalk setback.

Have looked at newer Newell's and really liked what I saw.

Just took a trip to Midland TX to look at a 2001 MCI F3500 coach that the seller swore was 96" unfortunately he was only qualified to operate the "dumb" end of the tape measure.

Realize that there are probably very few 96" wide coaches built after 1985 or so. I have been trying to research when the last ones were produced. 1989 perhaps?

Apreciate any advice or information anyone here can help me with.

Welcome Bill. I do not know when the last 96" wide Newell was built but I suspect it was the 1989 that was custom built for Inter Auto Co. of Japan and exported to Japan. That coach was registered in Australia in 2006. While there were a few 96" wide Newells built in the late 1980's there were not many. In addition to the exported 1989, I am aware of at least one 1988 that was built on the 96" body. I also know that #129, a 1987 was 96" wide. 1986 was the year that Newell began making the wide bodies and only a small number of coaches were built as 96" after the 102" was introduced. I do not have much information on wide body vs. narrow body during the transition years of 1986-1989 but the limited number of photos I have that show the windshields indicate that the vast majority of Newells after 1985 were 102". It is very easy to tell the difference from the front since the 96" Classics had a 2 piece windshield which was the same windshield used in the Chevy Astro 95 truck. For the 102" Classics, a third 6" glass windshield section made from an "inside cut" of either a left or right windshield was installed in the center between the other two windshield sections.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

Thanks for your reply.

It has been very helpful.

I guess that the year I am looking for is a 1985 or so.

If anyone out there reading this knows of one or has one for sale please contact me.

Thanks again
Quicktek 1 may still have his 85 for sale . Looks good in pictures . There are posts on here if you look back in Coaches for sale section . Might drop him an email , don't think he's been on the site in awhile .
1986 #89
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Welcome William,
There is an 84 on Craigs Indianapolis CL using Newell Coach.

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