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direct tv price to retain you as a customer
i had heard that with the massive cancellations of sat tv customers moving to online sources that there were some pretty crazy retention programs for current directv customers.  

i have had directv for years.  my daughter and her husband cancelled directv and went with several different online sources.  

so i called directv number at 1-978-890-3027, some special number for retention evidently.  told them i was looking at online content sources and they immediately offered to cut my bill in half for 12 months.  from 116 per month to 58.  i just said that wasnt good enough and they dropped it to 30 bucks a month for 12 months.  sometimes they have gift card offers on top of it so ask for a gift card as well.  they said they were out of them today.  

no hassle, on the phone for a total of ten minutes

can cancel at anytime.  my contract period was up.  

that was my experience and many others are getting the same kind of deals.  there is an entire thread on slickdeals about it.

thanks to my son scott, who is our main admin on the forum for telling me about this.


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That really works Tom. We were told about the retention department by our Direct tv rep. They also threw in premium channels for 3 months while they reduced our monthly charge by $40. Same with Magazine subscriptions. I have renewed my favorite magazine for $1 per month, payable annually. These companies must retain a certain amount of subscribers in order to satisfy their big advertisers, or they lose substantial $$$$$.
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I guess no deals for Dish customers?
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i dunno since i didnt look for them since i have directv. i have to imagine they are having the same retention issues. i would try it.

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I cancelled our Direct TV service 10 days ago. The rep that I spoke with did not offer any deals to keep our business. The person was more concerned about getting their equipment returned. Evidently I called the wrong Dish TV number. One less bill to pay, more money in my pocket.

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we use directv at our house, cabin and bus. i have lousy internet at the cabin so if i want much tv it has to be satellite.

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The current game plan is to have the Direct TV components in the satellite dish switched to Dish components. After doing the switch join Dish and use their pay as you go program. You only pay for the months that you use your satellite tv.

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