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Fogged window repairs at Suncoast
We had 5 fogged Hehr vertical windows on our coach, so while passing through the Hudson, FL, area, we made an appointment and stopped at Suncoast to have them removed, disassembled, cleaned, resealed, and put back in.  We also were starting to see slight fogging on the big driver's window, too, so we were scheduled for a total of 6 windows in three days.  An aggressive, but doable schedule, according to them.

They have a good reputation and clearly a ton of business, and they have hookups for you when on site.

However, please use caution if you bring your Newell to Suncoast:  they do not have a lot of experience with the unique mount that our windows have, and they neglected at first to remove the butyl sealant from around the mounting frame before replacing the windows.  This left several windows proud of the slideout skin by a quarter inch, enough to cause trouble with slide clearance as well as not looking very good.

I made them remove and reinstall correctly, but this work and other issues extended our stay by several days.

They also up-charge for Newell windows by about 80%, which is no big surprise, except that they didn't seem too keen to do 80% more labor to get things done correctly.

If you do go there, be prepared to watch them like a hawk!

If I were doing this again, I would probably just order new windows from Hehr and install them.  Suncoast claims their re-built windows are better-sealed than factory new windows, which may be true, but after all the cost and effort, I'm not sure it's worth the slight savings.
2008 Newell #1234
Boulder, CO

They do not have that "good reputation" you mention on the Prevost forum. Sounds like they may have issues with the higher end coaches.
Russ White
1999 45' Double Slide - Factory upgrade 2004
(12-28-2018, 06:59 AM)RussWhite Wrote: They do not have that "good reputation" you mention on the Prevost forum.   Sounds like they may have issues with the higher end coaches.

I should have checked there before proceeding.  That said, Prevost windows are so totally different that I might have made the mistake anyway, assuming flush-mount Hehr windows are the same from coach to coach and going off reviews from folks with Newmar/Tiffin/Entegra.

I'm actually happy with the result, but it took a lot more of my own work than I planned for.
2008 Newell #1234
Boulder, CO

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