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Need diagnostic ideas on interesting suspension issue
I had Josam Truck Alignment in Orlando install the 2 new Firestone drive bags today. As an aside, I highly recommend Josam. First, they put my coach over a pit and inspected the entire underside, even allowing me to go under. Second after installing the bags, again we went over the pit to check for leaks, and there was, but they fixed it.

I know this seems weird, but if I had not experienced it, I would probably not believe, but my take away, is NOT to mix different manufacturers bags on opposite sides of the coach. Theoretically, they should operate the same, in my way of thinking, but after driving home, with Firestone’s on both sides, the coach felt more solid and stable. Could the Goodyear’s be softer, or the leaking base seal make it feel less solid in overall ride?

Of course, the another test is, will the coach hold air/level for a number of days?

I am going back in a week, to replace a pinion seal on the yoke. It looked like a differential leak, but the tech believes it is coming from the yoke. Richard, you saw the leak, could the tech be correct?
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Ah gee Mike, I can't remember what I just had for breakfast, much less the two second glance at your diff. ;-)

The tech had a much better look at it than I.
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Bags are only one source of leak down while being stationary. Time to get out the soap spray and do detective work. Leak searching is a hobby for us. :}
Guy & Sue
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