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I've looked longingly at Newell's every time my wife and I started thinking about full time RVing.  There don't seem to be very many coaches that really compare with Newell's.  So, here we are considering it again, and looking at pre-owned coaches and there are a number of them that are in our projected price range.  We'll have a lot more information in a couple of weeks.  Both of us are 70+, and we've had a diesel coach several years ago and really enjoyed travelling in it.  Glad I found this forum and registered, even though we are still WITHOUT at this point.  Cheers to all.
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Enjoy your hunt. We can help you the most if you are more specific on what you are looking for, and most importantly what you expect from owning a Newell.

This is the one forum I know of where the reality of Newell ownership can be differentiated from the cachet that normally comes with the ownership of a high end coach. 

Take a read through the  section.
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Welcome to the forum. You will find a friendly and knowledgeable group here.  Members have  with Newell coaches with values of 20K thru 2 million and all values in between. Many members have owned multiple Newells over the years.

We have a member who is our resident historian, and has a self gathered data base and may have specific info on a particular coach you are looking at. Since each coach is built to order, "no two coaches are the same".

Enjoy your search
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I haven't posted since I joined the forum because we waffled back and forth about full timing, but we are back in the hunt and this time it's going to happen.  Leaving the nest and going full time RV preferably in a Newell.  Our price range dictates that we will be looking for one no newer than a 2005-2009 depending on price and condition.  A few have shown up that will interest us, but we have to sell our house first, which our long time multiple transaction realtor friend has told us is not an issue.  I would be very interested in pros and cons on Murphy beds.  I realize there is extra storage with a standard bed, but the extra available space when parked with its own entertainment is attractive.  Does a Murphy bed sit closer to the floor than a standard?  We have two corgis and one is old enough he doesn't jump very high any more.  Any responses would be appreciated.  The only other coach we might consider would be a Foretravel if we could find the right one, and I know it's not quite the same class as a Newell.
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Yes, the Murphy bed sits lower to the floor than a standard bed. Some like that, some don't. It does open up the bedroom area for other activities when you are not sleeping.
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Thank you, I'll refrain from posting in the new members section now. I wasn't exactly sure where I should ask the question and it had been a long time since my initial post.
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Just pick a section that seems to come closest to the subject you are asking about. If you get too far afield, I will move it for you.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281

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