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Rockwell ABS Front Disc
Thanks, Richard. I knew something looked wrong.
Wayne & Dahelia Hunt
1996 Coach 410
45' - Non-Slides, Series 60, IFS
2008 Jeep Liberty Toad
JW Pioneers and TravelFit
Wonder if Scott can remove the reply button that causes all of the prior posts to be repeated.
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he just did

should be gone and no longer the requoting of the previous post

2002 45'8" Newell Coach 608  Series 60 DDEC4/Allison World 6 Speed HD4000MH

OK. Repair shop found that the DS auto adjuster clevis pin was broken. Since the new pads were installed about 6,000 miles ago, there was no DS braking and the PS auto adjuster was sluggish.

This is an ArvinMeritor DX style system. A standard air brake dash pot receives air pressure from the brake pedal. It forces an attached arm to an operating arm in the brake assembly. The operating arm is attached to a vertical shaft with an eccentric lobe cam that pushes the inner brake pad towards the rotor. The brake pad assembly is mounted on sliding pins, so the motion of the inner pad causes a reaction to press the outer pads against the rotor. When adjusted correctly and with functioning auto adjusters, I now have braking that will adequately stop the coach. Also, without having to apply excessive brake pressure, the tag axles should not lock up and flat spot the tag tires.

For Phil, there is a couple of grease fittings for the sliding mechanism.

For reference, the ArvinMeritor Maintenance manual is no. MM-147.
The ArvinMeritor replacement disc pads were $600 plus per set. I found replacements at Van Horn Truck Parts, Inc. for $150.00. They are identical.

OK. I'll stop, now. Thanks, again for all your helpful information. 

Coach 410 is back terrorizing the roads.

Wayne & Dahelia Hunt
1996 Coach 410
45' - Non-Slides, Series 60, IFS
2008 Jeep Liberty Toad
JW Pioneers and TravelFit
Evening All . Glad you got it sorted I did find the repair manual but couldn't down load onto the site the one image of the caliper in exploded drawing . Just be careful with greasing the shaft or it is the same as we did have some hydraulic and stopped the auto adjuster working ,not sure if yours have a hexagonal head manual adjuster on them but if they have we found it was a good idea to put grease round them they did seize quite regularly . And the caliper did seize on the slides as well so we had to remove the pads and free off . We had around 300  3 axle semi trailers running round with the DX195 axle and they were good but needed a lot of looking after Phil

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