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Thanks for the add ... and all the great info!
Thanks for letting me join the forum! My husband and I have been researching RVs for about four years as our retirement travel plan. We both retired at the end of 2017 but are still in transition as we have one house to sell (currently on the market) and a vacation condo that we may or may not wish to keep as our base. 

Last summer we pulled the trigger on a new Class B motorhome just to get our feet wet and get on the road enjoying the country. We love the flexibility of the small size, we can stop and park anywhere (it's actually our daily driver as well!) and if we feel the urge, can also pull into a hotel parking lot and get a hotel room for a night.

However, if we decide to go full time and give up on having any type of fixed home, we will need something bigger. We have considered everything from an Airstream travel trailer to a new Tiffin or Newmar Class A (gas or diesel) to a used Newell, Prevost or Foretravel.

We are extremely concerned about quality which is what has brought us to looking at Newell and Prevost, but are also concerned about the ongoing maintenance and repair costs of them, considering we would need to be looking at around 10 years old. 

We also enjoy traveling spontaneously and without reservations, so are unsure how that would work if we get a bigger rig. 

I've read a lot of the threads already and look forward to learning more, particularly what to watch for as we consider various used rigs.
IMO both Newell and Prevost are very well built. Prevost builds the shell and sends it to another company for the interior/paint etc. If you prefer Prevost I would recommend that you only consider one whose conversion company is still in business.
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Thank you! I wouldn't say we prefer Prevost. In fact, Newell seems to be more 'livable' in terms of interiors and features, and more suited to full-time living. Prevost seem to us to be more show coaches - lots of bling, not as much storage or functionality for actual full-time living.

We have a preference for the interiors of most Newells compared to the Prevosts we've seen. The only thing that has us still tempted by a Prevost is a possible desire for a non-slide coach and the fact that there seem to be more non-slide Prevost out there.
You can always get an older non-slide Newell & have it upgraded to your specs at the factory. They did a fantastic job on our 1992.
Thank you for the suggestion.
keep in mind having the factory do interior modifications is very very expensive. just as it would be at any prevost converter.

in buying a 90's coach it is far better to find one you like that requires little to no major modifications. flooring, electronics, etc is something that can be done yourself or locally.

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I'm thinking that we would probably prefer something newer (i.e. up to 10 years old) that, as you suggest, needs no interior mods. That's why I was assuming we'd have to go with slides if we went with Newell - not a deal breaker, just something that makes us ponder a Prevost. I believe we can get a non-slide Prevost from the 2000's while a non-slide Newell goes back quite a few more years?

I am intrigued by Coach #1448 at Newell now because the price looks very competitive for its year. From the thread about it (under Coaches for Sale) it sounds like the reason for the price is the unpopular floor plan (Murphy bed, no 1/2 bath) which is not ideal. But could be worth taking a look.
The last two Newells built without a slide were #1297 a 2010 VIP coach built as a lighting demonstration coach and #507, a 1999 which was owned by a friend of mine at one time. #507 was the last non-slide Newell originally built with a standard bedroom. There were at least three 1998 that were non-slide units. 1997 was the first year Newell made multiple coaches with a slide, although the first Newell with a slide was the next to the last 1996 #436 but based on your comments, those are significantly older than you are looking for.
Michael Day
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Thank you, that is really helpful. We are a bit all over the place at the moment, so I'm not ruling anything out. Trying to research and do our due diligence.

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