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Salon Slide Water Leak
We just got back from a three day trip and parked the coach ran the slides out all seemed fine, till it rained.  We had a deluge in the living room coming from the top of the slide.  Knowing the seal inflated correctly, I pulled the valance and inspected the hook engagement.  The slide room hook hit the coach frame just below the hook well prior full deployment and did not engage up into the hook well, causing the slide room top rail to cant. 

Sent an email to Richard outlining my plan to fix this issue and make sure I would not tear something up in the process. 

Retracted the slide and built a Tee-Brace to jack up the center of the slide frame.  Wrapped the Tee part of the brace with padding to keep from marking the ceiling panel.  Loosened the sheet metal screws on the hook metal stiffener. Using a floor jack was able to over spring the top slide room inner frame by 3".  Doing this picked up approximately 3/8" when the jack was removed.

Back to the jack I jacked up the 3" again and removed the already loosened sheet metal screws and replaced the one at a time with a pan head, structural steel, self drilling screw (Ace Hardware).  These screws are high tensile & shear strength screws with a counter sunk area that nests into the already countersunk holes.  Also added several of the same screws in the hook area to help alleviate the canting of the hook if it hits too hard.  I still had the 3/8" positive engagement but felt like hook would not move.

Steve & Doris Denton
45' Newell #525, Bath & Half
2014 Honda CRV Toad

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