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Firefly Oasis Battery – Carbon foam AGM
Great perspective Richard. I haven't heard or found a guideline for how much continuous load one may safely power from my alternator. That total would include all running chassis 12V needs, including lights at night; starter battery charging; and house battery charging. What total amperage would you feel safe with?
Thanks again.
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To be clear for my foggy brain, with our 1984 having a Leece Neville gear driven alternator, AGM Batteries are off the table and wet lead acid are our only option because of increased charging demands vs wet lead acid batteries ? I ask because our house batteries have passed away . We have spent a year being on various full hook ups, but now realize it's time to replace them. They are at least 5 years old.
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I think the AGM batteries will be fine not the Lithium’s to replace the lead acid.
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