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Temp sender?
look at what gauge you have. and then look at senders for it. they are common items. there are lots of places that sell them. it is just a simple resistor that changes resistance with temperature and in a digital gauge there is a microcontroller with a resistance look up table that then displays the temp on the gauge.

on mine the wire was compromised to the gauge. you can easily ohm it out to be sure however i did change the sender as well.

yours is probably a cyberdyne gauge. if you are sure the wire is good and the gauge ok, and you cant find a sender....then just buy a complete autometer or equivalent to replace the gauge and sender with. your aquahot probably has the same gauge, so you could swap them to make sure the gauge is working correctly.

you might even try running a dedicated ground to the gauge itself. grounds are always a culprit as well.

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Thanks Tom, I will try to do this and let you know what I find out


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