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Warranty on a used Newell??
The p.o. had a warranty policy with GS at like 4400 per year. I decided to give them a call, since making a trip to newell will be in excess of 3 to 5 k on the low side.

I was quoted 6k for 12 months! OUCH!
Think maybe I should just save up 500.00 per month and put it in some type of account and pray I have no major issues
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I am not in favor of warranty insurance policies like you are talking about. In the last tow months I have replaced the complete Aqua Hot heater in a SOB that had hit a tire in the road and broken the exhaust penetration into the coolant tank. Not covered since the Aqua Hot was not a named part. On another SOB, I replaced a failed blower motor in the Webasto burner, not covered as not a named part.

I do like the idea a fund belonging to you placed with a good money man that grows to your benefit when not used. It covers everything, no questions asked.
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darlene has a warranty program that she pays for dearly for our all of you helping me.....

i aint cheap, but i am slow.....and can sometimes fix stuff. and i take care of the yard too. multipurpose warranty program.

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