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Kohler 20kw running out of fuel and stops
HI all,

Need some help.

The Generator works for a while then shuts down- looks like a fuel or/and filter issue.

So first thing was to take off both fuel filters - the water separator filter with bowl- WIX 33211 and the smaller fuel filter WIX 33390.
There was no water or gunk in the separator but I replaced it anyway. When I took off the smaller filter (33390) I noticed that it was only half way full of diesel....replaced with new filter, both prefilled with diesel fuel, back on the genny, started right up and ran for a good hour...then quit again.

Went back to the small filter, took it off and sure enough it was only half way filled with diesel- filled it up, genny started after a couple tries and ran again for about an hour.....then it quit again....checked the small filter- half full of fuel again. The separator filter seems to be full and no water is visible or gunk in the bowl. If I refill the small filter, it runs fine for a while.

I checked all I could see, both filters are tight but for some reason I am losing the prime as it runs and it eventually quits.

Has anybody seen this happen ? What to look for ? What am I missing ? Do I have a questionable electric pump ?

BTW, the oil pressure sits at 45 and coolant temp around 190-200 F when it the shutdown is due to fuel. I have 3/4 full diesel in the tank and the engine runs fine.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Check fuel line from tank to filter. I had fits with my main engine. Finally found that there was a flap of rubber from inside the fuel line that had restricted fuel flow. Yes. Check the pusher pump.
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I had a similar thing. Ended up being the check valve in the electric fuel pump

Dunno if it will fix yours or not

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You are correct in “no fuel”,  the correct approach, from my viewpoint, is to look at fuel pressure aft of the lift pump.  This can be accomplished by adding a fuel pressure gauge (pressure won’t be over 10psi and more like ~5) at the fuel water separator filter head.  Just be sure it is plumbed after the lift pump.  Most sets in Newells have a prime switch which will run the lift pump.  If not, run the engine and observe the gauge.  I suggest leaving the gauge permanently installed, eliminates a lot of headaches.

In some rare cases, the injection pump stop solenoid hold in coil fails after being energized for a while.
Gordon Jones
I know we are off in the land of “air and fuel”...but *could* it be the fire suppression circuit? What does the green light on the dash do. In other words could it be the fire extinguisher circuit cutting the engine off?

I think that Marius was having trouble with grounds and this could be related.

Bill Johnson
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Gordon helped me install the fuel pressure gauge. It sure eliminates speculation.

A quick and dirty test would be to disconnect the fuel inlet hose, and install a temp hose to feed fuel from a container. If it runs off the container, then you are sucking air on the inlet hose. If it behaves the same way on the temporary hose, then you probably have a fuel pump issue.
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I had a similar problem. What I found was..algae plunging the intake side
On the fuel filter. My fix was removing filter head and replacing. I installed a truck filter head. 
They have larger openings, allowing filter to catch debris. Also treated the fuel
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Thank you all for suggestions. I will start working on it.
Fuel pump first, check all hoses, clean filter heads etc.

The fire suppression system seems to be fine, light is green, no flickering but what if ? Anybody know how to bypass it and test ?

Bottom line is that the fuel in the small filter goes to half way and it quits. I refill the filter and it runs for a while...but sucks air somehow.
1997 #440
Sucking air sounds like a possible debris and or algae at the inlet or supply. If the primer pump is working correctly, and pulling hard, it may be pulling air thru a "not tight enough" fuel connection when the flap or debris causes to much restriction.

Are we adding a little oil to the filter seal as reinstall it ?

I like Richards suggestion, make a controlled environment with knowns.
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