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for sale $599
Hi All...

We are in the search for a coach and so I read through all these threads to learn. I must say, seeing this makes me a bit nervous about financing. We are looking in the $300k range and after reviewing a few financing sites like the two that are mentioned here, it appeared as though 15% down would be the norm. We thought we would put 30-40% down depending on how we negotiate the price down a bit and thought that should get us into a coach. After reading this thread, not so sure? All the coaches we have looked have all had less than 100k miles on them, most ranging in the 60-70k range. I'm not sure what excessive mileage would be on a something like a 2004-2006 Newell? Am I being overly concerned about the financing?


Always best to get your financing squared away first so you know what you will be able to afford before looking for your coach. A coach is a depreciating asset so getting a loan may be harder to come by than for a stick/brick home.

Be sure to have funds available after you purchase your coach for unexpected mechanical/maintenance items that may pop up. If you do all your own maintenance it will not be as painful as taking it to Newell for them to fix.

Good luck and have fun finding your coach!
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Try Lightstream. We used them twice.

Lightstream had been great for us to work with.
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You should be fine, if you can get an 05 and up you'll get the steerable tag. I have on occasion seen an 04 with it but not many.

No need to worry about miles either. What I eould caution you about it to get a full ppi. This does not mean things won't go wrong cause they will but if you are prepared for it it'll be less of a shock.

Have someone who is very familiar go with you or pay for the inspection. There are a lot of experienced gurus here that can aide you (ask me how i know) lol

The staff at newell are top notch and will help you with anything. If you are a diy kinda guy all the better.

There are so many systems on the newell and no two are alike.

Go for it but shop, shop, shop!
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Lightstream just shops your loan.. when I applied they were using fifth third bank. I am self employed and getting any loan is a HUGE pain in the butt, I was approved only to be denied because the mileage on the coach. Most loan officers have no idea that 200k on a newell, bluebird or prevost is just getting broke in. Thankfully I got a SMOKING deal on a 2001 bluebird with a slide and paid cash.
First Financial Bank in Texas helped us on our 1998 and were competitive on the rates at the time (about 4 years ago) - we just had to show them some ads for other motorhomes selling for the same amount.
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