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Microphor toilet removal help PLEASE
I just noticed that I know have water coming from the bottom of toilet and I dont know why?? I turned off the water, took off the lid and I see water spray all over inside. I remember seeing a post by Richard that said these parts are really brittle so Im pretty nervous about what to do first.  Any suggestions on how to get this thing out with out breaking it?  Ive been really thinking about getting a macerator toilet anyway, maybe this is the time??

Thanks in advance for any help
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Ok, you may not have to take the toilet out.

Dry everything as best you can. With the top off flush the potty and see where the water is coming from.

There are two likely culprits. The first and easiest is that the sequencing valve is an o ring joint to the vacuum breaker. And the vacuum breaker is an o ring joint to the potty. If the leak is in one of those two joints, then replace the o rings, lube with silicone, and assemble carefully. The alignment is critical and finicky.

The second likely leak is the sequencing valve, IF you have one of the old black ones. The newer grey ones are much more robust.

Turn off all water and bleed the air before unscrewing the top on the sequencing valve.

Stare at the manual to orient yourself with the parts and nomenclature.

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Thanks for the advice! Ive checked and rechecked all is dry! What the heck?? Im going to keep going over this thing. I should have taken a pic.
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If you saw water under the lid & thought you had a leak, you probably had a vacuum breaker stick or fail to seal.  Unscrew the top of the vacuum breaker.  Under the top is a white plastic check device.  Remove it & clean it.  Remove the calcium from the top which keeps it from sealing.  This is common maintenance that I perform annually to avoid what you experienced---of course I also experienced it.................therefore the maintenance.
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An additional reminder of Steve's sure to turn off the city water, 12vdc and 120ac water pumps then bleed the entire water system down.  Don't ask how I know:-)
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Thanks guys all these tips help and I may be inclined to leave the Microphor in rather that go with a macerator style which has been on the table
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