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Zip Dee Travel Latch
Hi, has anyone used Zip Dee's travel latch? We just purchased #300 and previous owner had the main awning and the front drivers side window awning strapped to the horns on the roof of the coach. I discussed this with him and he claimed this to keep the from billowing while driving in windy conditions. Before I really knew what I was looking at, I discussed this with Tom and he suggested to add a second lever lock on the backside of the awning. Great idea but soon discovered that the  main awning already has a lever lock at the front and the back of the awning.

I have tested both awnings and they work great but I would prefer not to have to get on top of the coach to remove the straps every time I want to use the awning.

I called Zip Dee and they suggested the I install a travel latch. Great idea except the I have to mount the latch to the sidewall of the coach. It would mount behind the awning arm so I'm not worried about that. My concern is about the support behind the sidewall. 

Does anyone know where the vertical body frame supports run. Like where the start and the spacing in between? I don't want to put a whole in the side of my coach if there is no support.

Tony and Cindy Frazier
1992, #300  Smile

I can say that the wind gusts in Amarillo will unfurl the awnings unless you use the latch. The hook latches work great, and I have never seen any evidence they are trying to pull out of the aluminum. Looks like the catch is attached with number 8 screws. The hook itself is simply riveted onto the stainless awning cover. From an engineering standpoint there isn’t much load at all on the latching system. If you wanted extra holding power in the aluminum wall, and if you don’t locate a vertical purloin, then you could use a rivnut.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
Thank you Richard, I'm going to order them today.
Tony and Cindy Frazier
1992, #300  Smile
Tony, I have added a Travel Latch to all my Zip Dee awnings. Tom and I have witnessed first hand what happens when a strong wind from the south attacks an east bound Newell without them and it wasn't pretty. I mounted mine about 2' forward of the rear latch and they have done their job flawlessly. Just remember to release them prior to attempting opening the awning.
Michael Day
1992 Newell 43.5' #281
Thanks Michel. I should have them next week.. I'll let y'all know how the install goes.
Tony and Cindy Frazier
1992, #300  Smile
I have two travel latches on my main awning and one on each of the smaller ones (all manual versions). I have some fabric wear from the awning rubbing on the part attached to the coach as it opens/closes. I suspect that better placement could have prevented that...just something to keep in mind.

2002 Prevost Liberty XLII
I just installed a complete Zip Dee awning on 316. If u look above the rain gutter you will see where the curved portion of the roof is riveted to the inner framing. That framing extends down the side of your Newell to the floor . Use that to locate the rib of the sidewall. I used sheet metal screws through the siding into the inner rib. Location fore and aft of the awning is not critical . Zip Dee says within 18-24” of rear vertical awning arm. That is the end that anchors the inner counterbalance spring.
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Great advice from the last two posts. Much appreciated. I will hopefully get them installed this weekend.
Tony and Cindy Frazier
1992, #300  Smile

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