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electric ac

No Power on L1

This is what I have, but it is overkill. And after I added a built in surge protector with a 50 amp contactor, it made the 100 amp rating moot.

When using the transfer switch, minimize any electrical loads as much as possible when transferring power sources. So, if you start the gen first, then activate your xfer switch, no problem as long as you have disconnected from the pedestal first.
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First, the coils in the automatic xfer switch are 120v not 12vdc.  There may be variations where the coils are 240v but definitely not 12vdc.  Disclaimer: I am not able to speak for the non-automatic switches but my bet is they are AC coils.  As stated, for the most part, these are mechanically and electrically interlocked contacts.  As Richard stated, if the bridging contacts cease to make connection, you can clean and polish (burnishing) but likely your fix is not as good as new. I never had much luck with longevity after polishing.

The best approach is to bite the bullet and buy new.  Technology Research (41260 Surge Guard 50 Amp Automatic transfer switch is a reliable product and includes some surge protection.  The parent company is Southwire.  There are a host of other manufacturers, all with different features.
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Just giving an update on my fix. I ended up going with the Southwire 40350-RVC automatic transfer switch. It has 65 amp contactors along with their EMS board built in. Thank you Gordon for pointing me to Southwire.

Took a few hours to install. It doesn't use the shore/gen switch above the driver's seat since it is automatic. So now I have a spare bundle of wires from the back closet to the front. May come in handy someday for a future project, possibly adding an auto generator start.
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