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No Air
1996  Detroit 60

The rundown:

1.  Low air light on, with no movement on air supply needle:  at 0
2.  After running 5 minutes air break gauge very low, see photo
3.  Engine compartment gauge at zero.  see photo
4.  Air compressor in Generator compartment just continues to run (does not turn off like normal). 

Stuck in Fallon Nevada.




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1996 - 411 42'
One of two things to check. One the governor on the engine air compressor has given up the ghost. Two, the purge valve on the air dryer cannister has jammed open.

With the air comp in the gen compartment running, surely you here that much air escaping somewhere?

Does it make a difference if the ignition is off or on?
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
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I would think air dryer
You can bypass ...fitting required
hook the two big air lines together
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Big Thanks to Richard!

Issue - Air Brake Relay Valve hidden in the rear tire area.

The issue was the one plastic piece wore out and eventually became two!  This created a constant flow of air that could be heard will the engine and compressor was running.

The answer was a rebuild kit for this particular Air Brake Relay Valve. You will need a ring tool to remove the old piece and to install the new assembly.  BE CAREFULL!!!  It took me several attempts to install the new assembly.  After each failed attempt the pieces would fall and spread out all over the place.  Examine each attempt very carefully so you have each part before you secure the ring.

For my 1996 the rebuild kit was just $25 plus the $16 ring tool.
1996 - 411 42'

Thanks for posting you are OK, and back in action. Always good to hear a “fixed” on the I Need Help thread.

You have me thinking. This is the second time I know of that one of those plastic spool pieces in the relay valve failed leaving the coach stranded where it sat. After the first one, I started carrying the replacement part. Now after the second failure, I think I will go ahead and replace the spool piece as a preemptive strike. Better here at home than the side of the interstate in Wyoming, or worse Atlanta.

For those who may decide to replace the spool piece, remember that the spool piece is part of the brake air system. All air pressure including the brake tanks must be bled before removing the circlip, otherwise you will have over 100 psi of pressure on the spool piece. The spool piece looks to have over a couple of square inches of surface area, meaning the piece will have over 200 lbs of force behind it if you don’t relieve the brake tank pressure. That would leave a mark when it hit you.

And always, support the coach when you are under there.
Richard and Rhonda Entrekin
99 Newell, 512
Subaru Outback Toad
Inverness, FL (when we're home Cool )
That's a great write-up and I agree with Richard, better to be proactive and replace this at home than on the road. Is there more than one?
Steve & Doris Denton
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