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How hot is too Hot...
My Generator seems to run pretty hot.  Granted it's pretty hot here in Tulsa.  If I run all the systems on high it ran up to 200 after about an hour.  I switched both units to low it was running 192/194 (outdoor 90+ ambient with high humidity).

I'm not clear on what temp range I should take action on.  Is 200 something your can run at for any length of time.  Seems too high.

I have had Newell look at it several times.  They had the radiator redone (outside vendor).  Does not seem to have changed anything.

I have the standard 4 basement units.  Powertech Generator (20kw)
Frank Boyer
Tulsa, OK
2001 Newell 45'8" #593 Red Series 60
Chevy Suburban toad
What is the accuracy of the reading device?  Automotive gauges are not typically very accurate.  200 is within limits for high humidity and temperature.   The high limit shutdown is usually 223.  

It is wise to be concerned about high temperatures since these engines are susceptible to piston scoring from high temperatures.  I suggest using an accurate IR device  and reading the thermostat neck.  Either running or immediately after shutdown.

There are some digital gauges that will use the same mounting hole, use the same sender wire, and come with a matching sending unit.  Decide for yourself their accuracy.

Gordon Jones
Thanks for the data. I'll recheck with an IR to double check. Might be time for an upgrade on the gauges. The oil pressure one is also suspect.
Frank Boyer
Tulsa, OK
2001 Newell 45'8" #593 Red Series 60
Chevy Suburban toad

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