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Filling Tires using coach air
I own a 2009 coach 1274 now and was just at Newell getting some things done there.  When talking to a tech about airing up to spec, I think it was 120 psi or so he suggested using a " multiplier" or something like that because the air produced by the coach really wouldn't get up to the needed pressure or would take a really long time.

Any advice on a device you hook up to the air system to bring your tires up to pressure from the coach air?

He showed me a small portable device he hooked up to any shop airline and used when working on the tires etc.


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Here is a thread where a member sold one awhile back. Would love info myself on a good buy on a new one as Rick beat me to the punch on this deal.
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Thanks for the heads up and it included the explanation. That one looks like it could be mounted which would be nice. The one the tech had was a little smaller with no gauges so it was more portable but cool either way.
I guess I will join the line behind you for a new one also.

Thanks for the quick response and connection there Brad.
There's a seller on eBay selling Chinese versions for $135.
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I guess I was lucky and my coach had the doubler built in so I could fill my tires off my coach air.  I thought all Newells had them Blush

Mine was a race coach so maybe that is why it had one.
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