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Additives 6v92
Hey guys so I have always run Lucas oil engine oil additives and fuel treatment in my daily drivers, question is is the 6v92 a temperamental motor, which oil is best to use and are the additives okay to run?
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Detroit two strokes : straight 40 weight , low ash . 
I run Mobil Delvac 1240 SAE 40 , blended for DD two strokes. Delo 100 is often used,  meets Detroit specs .
Additives not recommended in the literature I have found . MTU is a good source for information. Opinions vary , but most agree on SAE 40 .
Our 8V92 seems to like 1/2 to 2/3 down the dipstick .
Fuel additives to avoid algae and other gremlins probably okay . When in cold weather additive to prevent gelling .
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Been using Howes Diesel Treatnent for years. Adds lubricity, keeps injectors clean, prevents gelling.

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I was in the heavy duty petroleum business . IMO Buy the best oil available to you. A high quality oil if changed on schedule will not benefit from additional additives. Straight 40 in the 2 stroke DD's. Never ever run a multi-weight oil. A lubricating type fuel conditioner can be beneficial. It should contain an algaecide and surfactants which can improve injector spray pattern,help move water through and clean the injectors.
I run Mobil Delvac, Shell Rotella , and a commercially available oil and fuel conditioners from Central Petroleum Company in my various engines.
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I am reminded of Howe's fuel treatment saving the day on a trip to the Frozen North in F 350 diesel . Fuel gelled on I 65 , slowed to 15 mph . Lesson learned. 
I'll be putting treatment in the Newell tanks .
1986 #89
VIN 007
Detroit 8V92 TA 475 HP
Allison four speed 
Chris and Sharon Hand

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