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NTCS Wins Again

Have purchased my coach tires from Dave and Wendy at National Tire Consierge Service and saved a bunch of money and loved how easy the process was.  One side benefit was that I could also use them for my car tires as I generally buy Michelin.  Here was the verdict.

BMW Dealer - Almost $1600
Tire Rack - $1247 (where I normally buy)
NTB - $1268
NTCS - $908 (will be shipped to NTB for mount/balance)

Funny side note that when I was talking with the dealer that did the install on my coach tires through NTCS this morning to see what they could get there hands on we got to chatting about the pricing I get vs. what they get based up on their 25 locations throughout the west and midwest and he said my pricing is actually about $25 less per tire than his wholesale cost from Michelin.  

Such a nice service that Dave and Wendy provide and you save money to boot.

Brad Aden
2003 Newell #653 Quad Slide Cat C-12 engine
St. Louis, MO

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