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Trailer Air Brakes

This is my first post to anything on anything but this caught my interest. First of all I am probably the most technically and technologically dysfunctional Newell owner there is. I can follow instructions some of the time if I can remember where I wrote them down. I have owned several Newell coaches and still rely on Creslie and team to keep me on the road.

With that said, this is the second coach I have had with AFI. I remember the red button well as when I was at Newell getting oriented on the coach I was tentative with what I assume is charging the system and was shown to apply force to get it done. Since then I always check to be sure it is shut every time I release the parking brake.

On a recent trip to Texas when I arrived in Houston and went to unhook the Jeep Grand Cherokee I towed I noticed the brake lights were on. When I went to move it and applied the brakes the brake pedal went to the floor. To make a longer story shorter after it was towed to a dealership it was determined all the brakes were shot including pads, calipers and whatever else was included in the $6200 estimate.

They indicated for some reason the system was applying just enough constant pressure to do this damage without me detecting a problem. Before we left we had made sure the car was off and it rolled fine. I also think I checked that the red button was closed.

Have spoken to Newell and had the local RV place who installed it check it out when I had it in to install the works on my new tow car! Am awaiting the Houston dealership who now owns the Jeep to send AFI controller off the Jeep so we can send to Demco so they can help determine what could have happened. Have already checked and there is not any air escaping.

With all that said, another reason to disengage whatever you are doing as I was already wondering its purpose.

Sorry for the lengthy message and if anyone has any thoughts on what may have happened I would be interested in knowing. Thanks

I have to assume you are talking about Air Force One braking system for the toad.

Let’s start with the obvious that would explain this. Was the emergency breakaway feature activated on the toad? Check to make sure the safety cord device is plugged in, and if fused, check the fuse.

But…..if the car is no longer in your possession, recreating the fault may not be possible.

One potential cause for what you observed is listed in the AF1 manual. If the exhaust port on the control unit is stopped up, think dirt dauber nest, then the air pressure will not release and the brakes on the toad vehicle will remain applied.

Charging the air tank for the AF1 is going to happen naturally when you apply the brakes, So I doubt that was the culprit.

Was the LED indicator light in the toad ON when you disconnected?

What is the red button of which you refer? Is it in the car? The coach? Do you have a second park brake button as mentioned in earlier posts on this thread?

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(01-26-2024, 02:27 PM)[email protected] Wrote:  With all that said, another reason to disengage whatever you are doing as I was already wondering its purpose.


That's really bad what happened.  I have a lot of questions, but hopefully, you'll find out what the cause was.  But, I some points that could use some clarification:

1. What year is your coach?  As you've read above, not all are created equal. However, Newell started installing these auxiliary air tanks that are used to supply the "trailer" with air.

2. You say "another reason to disengage"...and I'm confused at what you mean, so forgive me if this is pointing out the obvious. Before towing with any "trailer" or "toad" that is connected to that rear air chuck, the "Trailer Brake" must be CHARGED...or ENGAGED (not disengaged).  This seems counter-intuitive, for sure, since that valve is NOT a parking brake for the trailer. Rather, it is a valve that puts air into that auxiliary air tank as well as, apparently on our coach, enables the brake light circuit on the 7-pin.

3. With that system "charged", pushing the coach's air brakes causes pressure to be sent to the AF1 via that rear air chuck. Without any air in that system, the TOAD'S brakes will not be applied in this normal manner.

4. Also, as a friend just discovered, if at any time, that "emergency pin" is pulled on the AF1, the AF1 will engage the brakes! This means when some low-life decides to "make your day miserable" and pulls that little pin've got problems! Luckily, for my friend, his Yukon was just sitting in a parking lot and...after a certain time...the AF1 becomes inactive so he was able to drive his Yukon just fine and order more pins. Had he been parked somewhere, with that AF1 active and charged up with air, things would have turned ugly. And, quite frankly, what happened to YOUR Cherokee would be exactly what would happen if some yahoo pulled your pin and you drove off.

5. Only other thing I can think of that will "pull" on your brakes is an issue with your setup. A lot of people do NOT take into consideration that they have MOVEABLE pedals (brake and accelerator)!!! Soooooo, when the air solenoid and cable are installed and adjusted for slack with the pedals all the way DOWN TO THE FIREWALL, and at a later time, the driver adjusts the pedals TOWARDS THE DRIVER...then this will cause tension in the cable which is attached to the brake pedal...and've got your TOAD's brakes to be applied!!
On my Raptor, I had the installer set the cable tension with pedals ALL THE WAY UP (towards driver). This way, there is NO WAY for the pedals to be moved end up pulling tension. Instead, each time I get ready to tow, I use my memory preset which moves the pedals all the way up, which is where the proper tension is set. All other times, when the pedals are down, the AF1 won't pull enough cable to activate the it's a failsafe; worse case is, if I forget, no brakes will be activated.

Hope this makes sense and helps.

Steve & Janice Vance
2015 Newell #1524
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Coach 1482 braking system is Bendix.  It has a Bendix PP-1 parking brake valve which was connected to the Bendix PP-7 trailer brake valve.  The swivel fittings were leaking and some of the 3/8" lines were bent with such a short run that they had a side load on the fittings causing leakage.  I removed the PP-7 eliminating a number of leaks.  The pneumatic lines are available for use if needed at a future time.  The tag axle brake Relay Valve looks to be a Bendix R-14, I installed a 1/4" Street Tee into the R-14 Service port for the toad brakes.  When the brakes are applied the line is pressurized and when the brakes are released the line depressurizes.  No buttons to push, nothing to forget.  The toad braking system I use is M&G 2.0 which operates the same as an Air Force 1.
.pdf PP-1 Parking Brake Valve in Newell.pdf Size: 825.15 KB  Downloads: 3
.pdf PP-7 Trailer Brakes Service Data.pdf Size: 156.4 KB  Downloads: 4
.pdf Bendix R-14 Relay Valve Newell Tag Axle.pdf Size: 241.54 KB  Downloads: 1

2014 Newell Coach 1482 Mid Entry 45'8" Valid Slides and Valid Levelling

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