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Author: Richard - Replies: 13 - Views: 2697
It has been quite a 36 hours. As we pulled into Redgate in Savannah, I felt like the coach ran over something. Then I felt like one of the tires was locked as I rolled forward.


Nope, the part that bolts the transmission to the rear of the driveshaft had lost the bolts and slipped off the spline. Meaning the yoke, the flywheel that is part of the assembly, the rear universal, and the rear part of the shaft just simply came out and went under the coach. Yik
Author: Richard - Replies: 1 - Views: 831
Both times (another story) I have replaced my radiator the bottom connection for the transmission cooler has been a source of leaks. The leak occurs where the 3/4NPT pipe screws into the transmission cooler on the radiator. This joint is further complicated by the fact that a TEE is on the other end of pipe nipple, and the TEE is where the transmission temp is taken for the gauge on the dash. You can’t just spin the nipple to make it tighter without the TEE hitting the fan shroud. And I added a
Author: Doug Musick - Replies: 4 - Views: 307
I'm looking at Newell with the Allison HT 741 4 speed transmission.  Can anyone share there experience with that tranny?  How does it compare to the newer 4000 series 6 speeds, how reliable was it, how smooth do they shift, etc.

It is paired with a DD60 series.

Any insight would be appreciated.