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Full Version: rear camera
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while backing up the screen flickered a couple times and then the picture disappeared. The screen is still lit up, but no picture. Anyone have this experience? How would I check for the culprit?
Ours does that once in a while. I just turn it off & on & push the buttons until it starts to work again.
I tried that all the way from Atlanta to Mi. and the picture never returned. I'd like to know how to check to see if it is a wiring problem or component problem.
sometimes the monitor has generic input plugs. like rca. the one on my 02 does. i replaced the one in my 90 with an lcd and i dont remember what the crt old one had. some of the cameras have multiple wires in the cable to power the camera. some might have a separate power cable that is sourced somewhere other than the monitor. just depends.

so....there are lots of video sources that you could just try plugging into the monitor to see if they work. that would tell you if the monitor is working.

the rear camera usually has fairly easy access. you might access it from the inside and reseat the plug. usually it will have a pigtail coming off the camera, a long cable from front to rear, and then the monitor. for some reason, newell had run a spare cable front to rear on the 90.

just a few thoughts.

Thanks Tom, I'll have to get into it a little to find how mine is set up. It may be just as easy to replace it rather then spend a lot of time troubleshooting. It is almost 20 years old.
Larry, one our '82 there is a Switch that is activated by the Shifter when in the Reverse Position....maybe check that ????
Thanks Steve I'll give it a try
on the 90 i put a lcd unit with a new rear and side cameras in it. i mounted the lcd where a rear view mirror would go overhead. much nicer than down below.