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Full Version: LG 3d TV's
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I put 3 new TV's in my 02. 2 identical LG 42LM6200 3D one. one in the front salon and one in the bedroom. and a 37" Vizio in the bay to the left of the entry door. Michael Day mounted the rear TV when he was here visiting us and helped me put the front one up. fortunately the coach originally had 42" plasmas that made putting the LED tv's in quite easy.

i am very impressed with the 3d images. these particular tv's are the passive ones only requiring the sunglasses like glasses with no batteries. very light.

i also added a new yamaha receiver and 3d blu-ray player as well as a Mirage MM6 sub.

on our recent trip the grandkids watched a zillion movies back in the bedroom. i am really liking having a big tv back there.

Tom is an audio/video freak, but I must admit that I enjoyed them as well. The 3D is surprisingly good.