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Full Version: Poll on driving at night
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I spent a ton of time and money on headlights, associated wiring and such to be able to drive at night. Now that I am retired, I hardly if ever drive at night.

so, a curiousity poll. How many of you do night driving?
Only in an emergency. Never at night in Mexico.
When I am going to a specific place we drive and stay in Walmart or rest area until we arrive at our destination. I do quit a bit of night driving and will usually stop in the daytime to rest. I have always liked night driving due to when I travel with kids and wife they sleep and I put the earphone on and crank the music up. I drive pretty much straight through and sometime pull 1K miles before stopping and that for fuel.
Never at night, that's when the rougarou comes out.
I like to hit the big cities late at night and cruse on thru...
Never arrive at night and only drive at night when destination merits it, like being another 50 miles away. Almost backed off a cliff arriving at night in 2003 in a KOA in Kentucky. got up in the morning and saw that my rear axle was about 4 feet from the edge of a 200 foot drop with no barrier. I had accidently parked on the wrong side of this little cul de sac with a view, HAHA because it was pitch black and raining when I arrived at 2 am.... Still freaks me out thinking about it....
Its on the internet so its gotta be true,...........
Night driving usually has fewer crazies and mostly commercial traffic so it appeals to me. Pulling into a campground or race track can wait until there is daylight, too many dangers lurking in the dark to rip off Aquahot exhausts or tailpipe flares. tree stumps are also an annoyance.
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