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Full Version: 10" lcd panel for backup monitor
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hi all,

my coach was built with a 10" raw lcd panel mounted in the center console for the backup camera. the panel is not lookin very good anymore and has terrible viewing angles. so i found a used (return) panel used for security systems for 60 bucks. i got it this week and hooked it up today. i am going to have to take the plexiglass cover off the camera in the back and clean it because the camera image is all washed out. the lcd panel also has a vga connection and my computer looked great on it.

here is the one i got.

it should fit right where the old panel was mounted from the inside of the console.

it has both a wired and wireless remote.

Probably 1/2 of the Newell's I see have the camera cover removed. An option might be to just replace the cover if it won't clean up.
on my 90 i made a new cover and put the new camera with IR and sound inside a cover and painted it all to match the coach.

i will probably just take it off and see how the camera looks then.

One of the problems with the cover is the reflection from IR emitters. On my coach the camera was useless at night til I removed cover. Now camera is only semi-useless at night.

I think best camera would be one without IR emitters.

yea, that is why i put the camera on the outside when i redid my 90. i did notice this camera does have IR. and you are right, they dont like to be covered.

bill, do you have the lcd panel mounted in the center console as well? in talking to newell, they didnt use the setup i have for very long.



Right now my backup cam is shown on a drop down lcd panel above the driver. You have to drop it down and then turn it on and sometimes set the source (Video 1) to view the backup cam.

I am working on another solution. I think I will get a Voyager LCD monitor that will support 4 video inputs (backup, left mirror, right mirror and AUX).

For the AUX the plan is to either use an Apple TV to "catch" the signal from my Ipad / iPhone or figure out a way to put GPS on the input.

My goal is to have one monitor that will easily show what I want. (backup, left and right, GPS and eventually the weather radar of the road ahead).
well, i took the plexiglass cover off and cleaned it up. the camera is still washed out some. i talked to tim at and the camera that newell used is very high end (no surprise) and should not have had any problems at this age.

it is a Weldex.

i still have to remove the dash cover and put in the new lcd panel. it has vga capability as well so i will run a cable to hook a computer into it somewhere in case i want to.

now to figure out what to do with the camera or just live with it.


On my coach there is a video filter mounted behind the TV in the front of bus. This video filter is supposed to eliminate noise...but has caused me some trouble. I suspect that it could also affect the quality of video signal. Do you see any weird components behind the TV that could be associated with backup cam?

hi bill,

i had these video noise units installed on the front and rear 42" tv's. i took them out. btw, they are quite expensive units, like 100 bucks each.

they are like a ground loop isolator for audio.

unfortunately, there is nothing between the camera and the monitor. straight hookup.

thanks for the suggestion though

this morning i climbed up and cleaned the lens on the rear camera. then tried it on the new monitor. it is good enough once cleaned.

when the engine is on there are lines rolling downward. so...hey i thought....i have those expensive video filters that came off of the tvs, so i tried one on this monitor. it totally took out the rolling did degrade the video just a little, but not enough to care. so now i just have to take out the old panel and mount the new one into it and run extra cables so i can hook up a computer or other video sources to it.

but....since i did notice a slight degradation of video quality with these video isolators, i for sure wouldnt want them on my hd tv's. i do not get any noise on my big screens in either coach and see no need for them.

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